About chocolatecss – why not vanilla?

Everything and nothing about chocolatecss

In this little Blog I’m going to post tutorials and ideas
I got during coding and experimenting.

You may ask “why chocolate css”?
Simple: Vanilla CSS is was already taken ^^.

It was meant to primarily revolve around
CSS and the technologies around it.
Just as the Title “chocolatecss” suggests…

But now this blog slowly, but steadily evolves.

What into? I haven’t the slightest idea.
But taking recent posts into account,
“chocolatecss” might grow.
Maybe into a little blog about technologies
found in and around the Web.

And of course the hazards one can
expect to happen having to deal with them.

We gotta see, what we gotta see…

Be sure to have a look at my main PageChocolatecss's Home, too :).


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