Up and Running… away?

Wordpress Up and Running on a Jetpack

WordPress up and running on a Jetpack

This might not concern CSS, but it concerned me – for a while.
Having some experience running a blog on wordpress.com,
I now – as you can obviously see – wanted to host my own
wordpress blog for digging deep into the mechanisms behind
this beauty ;).

Methinks it might be profitable for finding new job opportunities
knowing more than the basics.
And maybe I’m going to create my own themes and plugins, soon.

So my “struggle” began.

While it’s very easy installing wp on your own local server and
transferring it to your Webhost by following one of the most
simple guides I’ve hitherto seen, it starts getting a little bit fuzzy
when you also want to publish your content on wordpress.com.

Not that there wasn’t a simple way, by means of the jetpack Plugin,
but finding it right away isn’t that obvious.

Only after logging in to my newly created account on wordpress.com,
clicking on Help and Support and browsing through their articles,
this one finally pointed me to Jetpack.

And now we’re connected, isn’t that fun? %)

By the way, talking about connections, if you want to start
hassling around with your own self hosted wordpress blog, too,
or just are a little concerned about your reader’s privacy,
be sure to have a look at the Plugin “2 Click Social Media Buttons“!

This way some data kraken are going to have at least a little bit
tougher time with collecting your reader’s data.

Happy blogging! (is this still a thing?)



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