Early bird chases the cheer…

Jetpack's cheers are out of fuel

OK, I’ve cheered to soon.

Cheer Up! WordPress keeps me struggling – and Jetpack now adds to the Hassle %|.

Having finally gotten WordPress.com to acknowledge my site and
Jetpack/WP-Stats up and running, there’s still the big problem of
Readers having to manually entering comment details (E-Mail, etc.).

And no, I don’t like Jetpack’s comment function – won’t have it, that
I’m again at the mercy of wp.com for even the simplest function.
As I wouldn’t be dependent enough already.

And auto activating new modules isn’t to my liking, either.
So if you haven’t read it on someone else’s page:
Manual Control for Jetpack” should accompany your Jetpack installation…

I’ll keep digging and let you know.


P.S.: Funny thing just noticed: WP seems to change “W ordpress.com”
without quotes and space in tada: WordPress.com (PascalCase)
– except on the second line of this post… %)


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